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Pt Gurnam Jaswal, Astrologer, 70 Yrs has heritage astrology education who believes in geography. It is equal to every sole on the earth. This website will be beneficial for public and astrologer who have not highlighted while having great knowledge about this sceince.

Jyoti + ish  =  Ishwar ki joyti.   (Jyotish) 

This  is  a  simple  way to know about  present and forthcoming good/bad upto a particular period from where  a person can save self  by a simple Request/Vinity/Ardaas called remedy.  Methods of remedies are :-

By  Jantar   -    Attended by an Expert Astrologer. (This is a genuine way)

By  Mantar -     Attended by an Expert Karam- Kandi Pandit/specialist in pooja. (This is a genuine way)

By   Tantar -     (Only  Sadhu /Mahatma can do it) (mostly tantriks are making fool to the innocent people                            with this way).

The main motive of the company is to provide positive energy to the human being to overcome the challenges/difficulties of the life. A panel of astrologers/Pandits is ready together to share about this science on a single platform.

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